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Hot Jazz

An improvised style of ensemble playing inspired by the jazz of New Orleans that developed different regional sounds. It was first introduced to white mainstream audiences by Louis Armstrong and became a dominating influential force in popular music from the mid-1920's on.


Adrian Rollini

Albert Wynn

Bennie Moten

Bix Beiderbecke

Boyd Senter

Bubber Miley

California Ramblers

Charlie Creath

Charlie Johnson

Curtis Mosby

Dewey Jackson

Doc Cook

Don Redman

Duke Ellington

Eddie Condon

Fess Williams

Fletcher Henderson

Frank Trumbauer

Fred "Sugar" Hall

Irving Mills

J.C. Higginbotham

Jabbo Smith

Jack Pettis

Jack Purvis

Jack Teagarden

Jimmy Lytell

Johnny Dunn

Junie Cobb

Miff Mole

Oliver Cobb

Pee Wee Russell

Red Nichols

Slim Lamar's Southerners

Tennessee Tooters

Thomas Morris

Walter Page


(If It Wasn't For You) I Wouldn't Be Crying Now (3:18)

A Shady Tree (2:48)

Anything (3:16)

Big City Blues (2:46)

Black Bottom (3:14)

Black Horse Stomp (3:04)

Blue Clarinet Stomp (2:48)

Blue Little You (2:48)

Breakaway (3:20)

Bugahoma Blues (2:59)

Bull Foot Stomp (2:31)

Can't We Be Friends? (2:43)

Charleston Baby (3:04)

Charleston Ball (2:52)

Chicago and All That Jazz (9:58)

Cloudy Skies (3:01)

Coal Yard Shuffle (3:09)

Congo Stomp (3:00)

Craze-O-Logy (3:00)

Crying Blues (3:20)

Crying For You (Baby Mine) (3:08)

Daniel's Blues (3:31)

Down And Out Blues (3:03)

Five Pennies (4:27)

Florida Rhythm (2:40)

Follow Thru (2:51)

Freeze And Melt (2:56)

Froggy Bottom (3:14)

Gates Blues (3:19)

Gettin' Ready Girl (3:07)

Getting Hot (2:53)

Glorianna (3:16)

Goose Creek Stomp (2:49)

Happy Hour Blues (2:42)

Has Been Blues (3:09)

He's A Good Man To Have Around (3:05)

Headin' For Baltimore (3:05)

Hold It Still (3:06)

Hot As A Summer's Day (3:34)

How Could Red Riding Hood? (2:47)

I'm A Ding Dong Daddy (2:44)

I've Found a New Baby (3:13)

I've Got Five Dollars (2:37)

It's Right Here For You (3:06)

It's So Good (3:15)

It's Tight Like That (2:58)

Jazz Piano Workshop 1965 (3:22)

Jews Harp Blues (2:55)

Keep Your Temper (2:39)

Let's Misbehave (2:55)

Lieutenant Julian (3:00)

Lonesome Me (2:44)

Louder And Funnier (3:28)

Louisiana Bo Bo (3:24)

Low Down Rhythm (3:12)

Mary Bell (3:02)

Mean To Me (3:28)

Medley On The Lawrence Welk Show (2:35)

Mess-A-Stomp (2:45)

Mississippi Wobble (3:06)

Moanin' Low (2:55)

Moon of Japan (4:06)

My Angeline (2:47)

My Baby/Stomp Your Stuff/I'm Going Hunting (9:31)

My Cutey's Due At Two-To-Two Today (2:54)

My Regular Gal (3:24)

Mysterious Blues (3:00)

No Sir, That's Not My Gal (3:41)

No Trumps (3:21)

Nobody's Sweetheart (3:04)

Now Cut Loose (2:50)

Outside (3:21)

Ozark Mountain Blues (3:02)

Papa Skag Stomp (3:18)

Papa's Gone (3:02)

Parson Blues (2:34)

Playing The Blues (2:39)

Quality Shout (3:03)

Rampart Street Blues (3:32)

Red Head (3:04)

Red Hot Hottentot (2:46)

Remarkable Girl (3:14)

Rubber Heels (3:55)

Rubenola (3:04)

Ruff Scufflin' (2:58)

Sad 'N' Blue (2:45)

Sax - O - Phun (2:53)

Saxarella (2:54)

Saxema (3:15)

Saxophobia (2:47)

September in the Rain (4:24)

Shanghai Shuffle (2:40)

She's My Sheba, I'm Her Sheik (2:45)

Slidin' Around (3:19)

Smiling Skies (3:18)

Springfield Stomp (3:14)

St. James Infirmary (2:59)

Static Strut (2:53)

Stomp Off, Let's Go (2:54)

Stompin' Away (2:45)

Stuff (2:56)

Swamp Blues (3:18)

Sweet Sue (3:15)

Tal Henry's 1928 Vitaphone (9:02)

The Bumps (2:35)

The Camel Walk (2:56)

The Girl Friend (2:49)

The One I Love Just Can't Be Bothered with Me (3:07)

The Ramble (3:14)

Tiger Rag (1:47)

Top And Bottom (2:54)

Trumpet Blues (4:06)

Uncanny Banjo (3:33)

Vine Street Blues (3:21)

Wailing Blues (3:15)

Washboard Blues (3:06)

Washington and Lee Swing (3:09)

What Was I To Do (2:51)

What's That Thing? (2:46)

When Erastus Plays His Old Kazoo (2:56)

Where's My Sweetie Hiding? (3:03)

While You're Sneakin' Out (Somebody Else is Eazin' In) (2:23)

Who Is It? Who? (2:43)

Who'd Be Blue (2:55)

Why Can't It Be Poor Little Me? (2:38)

Why Should I Believe In You? (2:34)

Wild Cat (0:23)

Wild Jazz (2:52)

Yea Alabama (3:06)

You Can't Cheat A Cheater (3:14)

You'll Want Me Back Someday (2:53)

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