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My Angeline

Mississippi Maulers


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Feat. Roy Evans


Recorded in New York City on July 20th 1928 featuring Roy Evans vocals, Mannie Klein, Leo McConville or Bill Moore trumpet, Tommy Dorsey trombone, Dudley Fosdick melophone, Fud Livingston clarinet & tenor sax, Joe Venuti violin, Frank Signorelli piano, Eddie Lang guitar, Joe Tarto bass brass, and Stan King drums.

*"My Angeline" was written by Jack Palmer.

This record prominently features the expert musicianship of top 1920's jazz men including Tommy Dorsey, Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang, Fud Livingston, and Mannie Klein.

Thanks to the work of vocalist Roy Evans it stands as a shining example of the type of commercially influenced music that was produced during the late '20's at the height of New York's white jazz scene.

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