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Early Recorded Jazz

Jazz Relevant Recordings Made During the Late 1910's & Early 1920's.


Frisco Jass Band

Harry Raderman

Louisiana Five

New Orleans Rhythm Kings

Original Dixieland Jass Band

Original Indiana Five

Original Memphis Five

Original New Orleans Jazz Band

W.C. Handy

Wilbur Sweatman


'Tain't Nobody's Biz-ness If I Do (4:20)

'Tain't Nobody's Biz-ness If I Do (3:20)

Arkansas Blues (3:30)

Bees Knees (3:20)

Blue (2:46)

Charley, My Boy (3:08)

Cherie (2:46)

Down On The Levee Blues (3:32)

Every Saturday Night (3:00)

Everybody's Blues (2:50)

Fluffy Ruffles - One Step (3:05)

Got to Cool My Doggies Now (3:03)

Gulf Coast Blues-Sugar Blues (3:30)

Hard Hearted Hannah (2:57)

Haunting Blues (3:12)

High Brown Blues (2:59)

Horsey! Keep Your Tail Up! (2:28)

Hot Mittens (2:57)

How 'Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm (3:50)

I Got The Blues (3:07)

I'm Gonna Jazz My Way Straight Up Thru Paradise (3:18)

I've Got My Habits On (3:08)

I've Got The 'Yes We Have No Bananas' Blues (4:03)

I've Got The Ain't Got Nothin', Never Had Nothin' Blues (3:06)

Jazzbo Jenkins (2:38)

Just Because (2:56)

Just Hot (3:20)

Last Night On The Back Porch (3:01)

Lonesome Woman's Blues (3:05)

Long Lost Mama (Daddy Misses You) (3:10)

Lovin' Sam (3:08)

Midnight Blues (A Wee Hour Chant) (3:10)

Mishawaka Blues (3:02)

My Daddy's Growin' Old (2:56)

Mystery! (3:24)

New Orleans Wiggle (3:09)

Nothing But (3:47)

Oh! By Jingo! (4:07)

One Night in June (3:09)

Oogie Oogie Wa Wa (2:59)

Papa Blues (3:09)

Play That Thing (3:04)

Poor Little Butterfly is a Fly Gal Now (3:13)

Rag-A-Minor (4:19)

Railroad Man (2:50)

Rampart Street Blues (3:05)

Really A Pain (2:49)

Salt Your Sugar (4:38)

Savannah (The Georgianna Blues) (3:47)

Saxarella (2:54)

Saxophone Fantasie (3:37)

Snakes Hips (3:10)

Stale Bread Blues (3:02)

State Street Blues (3:10)

Strut Miss Lizzie (2:45)

Strut Yo' Puddy (2:52)

Stumbling (3:12)

Stuttering (2:55)

Take Me to the Land of Jazz (2:37)

Teapot Dome Blues (3:39)

Tell Me Little Gypsy (2:44)

The Cat's Whiskers (4:33)

The Ragtime Robin (3:19)

The Sheik (3:05)

Timbuctoo (3:17)

Valse Vanite (3:29)

Wabash Blues (3:22)

Wet Yo' Thumb (3:12)

When I Hear That Jazz Band Play (2:38)

When My Sugar Walks Down The Street (2:59)

Where The Bamboo Babies Grow (3:31)

Wolverine Blues (3:13)

Yah-de-da (3:24)

You Tell Her, I Stutter (3:03)

You've Had Your Day (3:09)

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