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Johnny Dodds

(April 12th 1892 - August 8th 1940)

Johnny Dodds was born in Waveland, Mississippi in 1892 and relocated to New Orleans during his adolescence. There he studied clarinet under the instruction of the Lorenzo Tio and became a renowned stylist who went on to play in the bands of Frankie Duson, Kid Ory, and Joe "King" Oliver. After moving to Chicago Dodds made his first recordings with "Oliver's Creole Jazz Band" in 1923 and remained in The Windy City where he later worked with Jelly Roll Morton and Louis Armstrong. After spending most of the 1930's in poor health Johnny Dodds died of heart failure in Chicago on August 8th 1940.


Ape Man (2:54)

Ballin' A Jack (2:50)

Bohunkus Blues (2:55)

Brown Bottom Bess (3:24)

Bucktown Stomp (3:06)

Buddy Burton's Jazz (2:32)

Bull Fiddle Blues (2:51)

Come On And Stomp, Stomp, Stomp (2:58)

Droppin' Shucks (3:04)

East Coast Trot (2:51)

Flat Foot (3:24)

Galion Stomp (3:11)

Get 'Em Again Blues (2:44)

Goober Dance (3:17)

Got No Blues (3:26)

Grandma's Ball (2:42)

Gravier Street Blues (2:47)

Gut Bucket Blues (2:46)

Have Mercy (2:30)

Heah' Me Talkin' (3:09)

Hot Potatoes (3:27)

Hot Stuff (2:58)

I'm Goin' Huntin' (3:00)

Indigo Stomp (3:06)

Jazzin' Babies Blues (2:59)

Lady Love (2:55)

Loveless Love (2:37)

Mad Dog (2:48)

Melancholy (3:21)

Memphis Shake (3:21)

Messin' Around (2:57)

Mixed Salad (3:18)

My Baby (2:37)

My Little Isabel (2:59)

Oh, Lizzie (2:55)

Oriental Man (2:41)

Perdido Street Blues (3:10)

Poutin' Papa (2:47)

Red Onion Blues (2:55)

S.O.L. Blues (2:57)

Sock That Thing (2:42)

Struttin' With Some Barbecue (3:04)

There'll Come a Day (2:58)

Too Tight (3:00)

Too Tight (2:54)

Weary City (2:53)

Weary Way Blues (2:55)

Wolverine Blues (3:26)

Yes! I'm In The Barrel (2:45)

Your Folks (2:54)

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