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California Ramblers

A jazz orchestra originally consisting of musicians from the midWest who chose the name "California Ramblers" to perk listeners interest, they first recorded for Vocalion in 1921. The group's manager Ed Kirkeby together with banjoist and founder Ray Kitchenman traveled East and reformed the group. The new band began performing statewide at a string of establishments including their own "Ramblers Inn" in Pelham, New York.

The "Ramblers" were the first pop jazz group and spawned a number of satellite bands such as the "Little Ramblers", the "Five Birmingham Babies", and the "Goofus Five". In addition they also appeared on record frequently throughout the 1920's with varying personnel under numerous pseudonyms including the "Golden Gate Orchestra" the "Varsity Eight", and the "University Six".


All Alone Monday (3:55)

Back Where The Daffodils Grow (3:12)

Beets And Turnips (3:00)

Charleston (3:14)

Clementine (From New Orleans) (4:11)

Clementine (From New Orleans) (3:12)

Collegiate (4:16)

Cornfed (3:00)

Crazy Words, Crazy Tune (2:56)

Deep Blue Sea Blues (3:06)

Dixie (3:15)

Dustin' The Donkey (2:59)

Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue (3:58)

Foot Loose (3:00)

Georgia Rose (3:00)

Gimme A Little Kiss Will "Ya" Huh? (2:50)

Go 'Long, Mule (2:38)

Gone Again Gal (3:19)

Got No Time (3:04)

Hard Hearted Hannah (2:59)

Heart Breakin' Baby (3:12)

Heart-Breakin' Baby (3:11)

I Ain't Got Nobody (3:25)

I Love The College Girls (3:17)

I Wonder What's Become of Joe? (4:12)

I'm Gonna Charleston Back To Charleston (3:22)

If You Knew Susie Like I Know Susie (3:07)

Last Night On The Back Porch (2:52)

Lazy Weather (2:51)

Lazy Weather (3:18)

Look Who's Here (3:06)

Magnolia (3:11)

Make My Cot Where The Cot-Cot-Cotton Grows (3:06)

Make Those Naughty Eyes Behave (2:46)

Manhattan (4:19)

Manhattan Mary (2:54)

Mine, All Mine (3:16)

Muddy Water (2:48)

Nothin' Does-Does Like It Used To Do-Do-Do (3:23)

Play It, Red (3:26)

Ramblin' Blues (3:12)

Rhapsody in Rhythm (3:30)

She Belongs To Me (2:47)

She Was Just A Sailor's Sweetheart (3:26)

She's Not Too Hot, She's Not Too Cold (3:04)

Show Me The Way To Go Home (2:58)

Sidewalk Blues (4:08)

Singapore Sorrows (3:00)

Someday Sweetheart (3:02)

Stockholm Stomp (4:35)

Sugar Step (3:08)

Talkin' To Myself (2:58)

The Flapper Wife (4:14)

The Girl Friend (2:44)

The Pay Off (4:48)

The Sheik Of Araby (3:04)

There's A Trick In Pickin' A Chick-Chick-Chicken (4:22)

Those Panama Mamas (3:00)

Those Panama Mamas (3:27)

Tomorrow Mornin' (3:04)

Too Many Kisses in the Summer (3:02)

Tuck In Kentucky And Smile (3:19)

Vo-Do-Do-De-O Blues (3:21)

Washin' The Blues From My Soul (3:18)

What Do We Get From Boston? (3:16)

Who's Sorry Now? (2:48)

Would-Ja? (4:02)

Ya Gotta Know How To Love (2:53)

Yes She Do, No She Don't (3:02)

Yes Sir, That's My Baby (3:07)

You're in Wrong With the Right Baby (3:03)

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