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Bix Beiderbecke

(March 10th 1903 - August 6th 1931)

Leon Bismark "Bix" Beiderbecke grew up in his hometown of Davenport, Iowa where he taught himself to play cornet and piano by ear. His first recordings were made in 1924 as a member of the "Wolverines Orchestra" and "Bucktown Five".

Bix went on to find steady work with the dance orchestras led by Jean Goldkette and later Paul Whiteman but his struggle with alcohol addiction did much to stifle his career. He also produced successful recordings as a soloist often billed under the name of Frank Trumbauer or his own. Bix Beiderbecke died alone tragically in his Queens, New York apartment during an alcoholic seizure in 1931.


At the Jazz Band Ball (3:02)

Big Boy (2:48)

China Boy (3:18)

Clementine (From New Orleans) (3:03)

Copenhagen (2:28)

Crying All Day (3:07)

Davenport Blues (2:50)

Deep Down South (3:34)

Deep Harlem (3:08)

Fidgety Feet (2:27)

Flashes (3:04)

Flock O' Blues/I'm Glad (5:46)

For No Reason at All in C (3:27)

Futuristic Rhythm (2:56)

Goose Pimples (3:26)

I Don't Mind Walkin' In The Rain (2:55)

I'll Be A Friend "With Pleasure" (3:51)

I'm Coming Virginia (3:11)

I'm Wondering Who (2:53)

In a Mist (Bixology) (2:42)

Jazz Me Blues (2:48)

Jazz Me Blues (3:07)

Jubilee (3:18)

Krazy Kat (3:05)

Lazy Daddy (2:53)

Louisiana (2:51)

Oh Baby (2:21)

Ol' Man River (3:28)

Ostrich Walk (3:09)

Our Bungalow Of Dreams (3:03)

Rhythm King (3:21)

Riverboat Shuffle (2:33)

Royal Garden Blues (2:53)

San (3:24)

Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down (3:06)

Singin' The Blues (3:03)

Sorry (3:03)

Susie (2:41)

Sweet Sue, Just You (4:31)

Take Your Tomorrow (And Give Me Today) (3:09)

The Japanese Sandman (3:21)

There'll Come A Time (Wait And See) (3:17)

Tia Juana (3:00)

Toddlin' Blues (2:43)

Trumbology (3:04)

Wa-Da-Da (Everybody's Doin' It Now) (2:54)

Way Down Yonder in New Orleans (2:51)

Wringin' and Twistin' (2:59)

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