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A Snappy "Talkie" Debut


In 1923 Nobel Sissle and Eubie Blake made, "Sissle and Blake's Snappy Songs", two short films for
Lee De Forest utilizing De Forest's revolutionary Phonofilm sound-on-film process.

They are both presented here, the first short features "Sissle & Blake" performing
the songs: "Sons of Old Black Joe" and "My Swanee Home".

In the second film the duo once again display their amazing talents with the songs:
"Affectionate Dan" and "Shout All Over God's Heaven".

Eubie Blake built his reputation in vaudeville in the early 1920's billed as "The Dixie Duo" teamed with composer and lyricist Nobel Sissle. After the 1921 opening of their Broadway musical revue "Shuffle Along" the duo became an immediate success and would enjoy long lasting fame. Their popularity was such that "Sissle & Blake" would even star in a couple of the very first "talkie" pictures produced by Lee De Forest using his brand new revolutionary Phono-film process.

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