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Midnight Special

Sodarisa Miller


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Feat. Jimmy Blythe
(or Clarence Johnson?)


Recorded in Chicago in August of 1925 featuring Sodarisa Miller vocals, accompanied by Jimmy Blythe
(or possibly Clarence Johnson) piano.

Very little is known about Sodarisa Miller except for the fact that she cut thirteen sides for Paramount Records in 1924 and 1925. Some records had her billed simply as "Sodarisa", apparently Paramount thought that they had discovered another Bessie Smith, but due to their poor recording techniques the listener might be quick to judge otherwise. In 1926 she cut one more record for Victor backed on piano by Hersal Thomas that did give her a better more true to life sound. Despite this improvement the label soon dropped her when the record only sold 5,000 copies, compared to Bessie Smith's average sales of 15,000 copies. Sodarisa, pictured in the photo on the left-hand side, was never heard from again.

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