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The Voices of Jazz.


Al Bowlly

Annette Hanshaw

Arthur Fields

Arthur Hall

Bessie Smith

Billy Jones

Bing Crosby

Blanche Calloway

Cliff Edwards

Esther Bigeou

Ethel Waters

Eva Taylor

Evelyn Preer

Franklyn Baur

Helen Kane

Ida Cox

Irving Kaufman

Josephine Baker

Josie Miles

Lee Morse

Ma Rainey

Mamie Smith

Marion Harris

Monette Moore

Nina Mae McKinney

Perry Bradford

Red McKenzie

Rudy Vallee

Ruth Etting

Sippie Wallace

Smith Ballew

Sophie Tucker

Ted Lewis

Vernon Dalhart

Victoria Spivey

Virginia Liston

Whispering Jack Smith


(If It Wasn't For You) I Wouldn't Be Crying Now (3:18)

(What Do We Do On A) Dew-Dew-Dewy Day? (3:15)

A Shady Tree (2:48)

After All, You're All I'm After (2:38)

Ain't She Sweet (3:02)

Are You Lonesome Tonight? (3:41)

Arkansas Blues (3:30)

Baby (3:01)

Baby Face (3:08)

Baby Won't You Please Come Home (3:12)

Back Home In Illinois (3:04)

Baltimore (2:56)

Beale Street Blues (3:22)

Bessie Couldn't Help It (3:21)

Black Maria (2:54)

Blue Devil Blues (2:48)

Blue Little You (2:48)

Bobbed Hair Bobbie (Bobbie Be Mine) (2:49)

Breakaway (3:20)

Bring Back The Joys (3:18)

Cake Walking Babies From Home (3:03)

Can't We Be Friends? (2:43)

Charleston, South Carolina (2:35)

Cheer Up (Good Times Are Comin') (3:18)

Chicago Stomp Down (2:44)

Chirpin' the Blues (2:59)

Creole Love Call (3:13)

Daniel's Blues (3:31)

Deep Down South (3:34)

Dixie Blues (3:03)

Dixie Dawn (3:05)

Doggone My Good Luck Soul (3:07)

Doin' The Raccoon (3:01)

Don't Ever Leave Me (2:53)

Don't Pan Me (3:06)

Don't Tell Her What's Happened To Me (3:35)

Don't Tell Me Nothin' 'Bout My Man (3:00)

Don't Wait Too Long (3:12)

Down On The Levee Blues (3:32)

Egyptian Ella (3:30)

Everybody Does It Now (3:14)

Everybody's Blues (2:50)

Found My Gal (2:54)

Four Walls (2:55)

Four-Four Rhythm (3:08)

Gates Blues (3:19)

Glorianna (3:16)

Go 'Long, Mule (2:38)

Gone Again Gal (3:19)

Got No Time (3:11)

Hard Hearted Hannah (2:57)

He May Be Your Dog (But He's Wearing My Collar) (3:08)

He's A Good Man To Have Around (3:05)

He's The Last Word (2:32)

Hello Bluebird (2:35)

Here Am I, Broken-Hearted (2:40)

High Brown Blues (2:59)

Horsey! Keep Your Tail Up! (2:28)

How 'Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm (3:50)

How Come You Do Me Like You Do? (2:50)

I Don't Mind Walkin' In The Rain (2:55)

I Got The Blues (3:07)

I Hate A Man Like You (3:41)

I Lost My Gal From Memphis (3:08)

I Makes Mine Myself (3:29)

I Thought I'd Do It (2:54)

I Wanna Go Places And Do Things (3:24)

I Want To Be Bad (2:39)

I'd Rather Be Blue Over You (2:20)

I'd Rather Cry Over You (3:05)

I'll Be A Friend "With Pleasure" (3:51)

I'm A Ding Dong Daddy (2:44)

I'm Broke Fooling With You (2:55)

I'm Gonna Be A Lovin' Old Soul (3:04)

I'm Gonna Jazz My Way Straight Up Thru Paradise (3:18)

I'm In The Market For You (3:31)

I'm Just a Vagabond Lover (2:02)

I'm Just Wild About Animal Crackers (2:42)

I've Got Five Dollars (2:37)

It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo' (3:06)

It's Bad For Your Soul (3:02)

Jig Time (3:05)

Just A Little Bit Bad (3:07)

Just Can't Stay Here (2:53)

Just Imagine (2:55)

Kansas City Kitty (3:10)

Keep Your Sunny Side Up! (2:48)

Let's Misbehave (2:55)

Lieutenant Julian (3:00)

Little Girl (2:55)

Lonesome Woman's Blues (3:05)

Loveable (2:46)

Loving You The Way I Do (3:24)

Low Down Rhythm (2:54)

Low Down Rhythm (3:12)

Make My Cot Where The Cot-Cot-Cotton Grows (3:06)

Mama Can't Lose (2:53)

Mama's Got The Blues (3:17)

Marvelous (2:41)

Maybe Someday (3:14)

Mecca Flat Blues (2:39)

Memories Of You (4:06)

Memphis, Tennessee (3:15)

Messin' Around (2:57)

Midnight Blues (A Wee Hour Chant) (3:10)

Midnight Mama (2:57)

Midnight Special (2:35)

Miss Annabelle Lee (3:13)

Mississippi Blues (3:13)

Moanin' Low (3:25)

Mr. Brakes-Man (Let Me Ride Your Train) (3:03)

Mr. Freddie Blues (2:51)

Muddy Water (A Mississippi Moan) (4:59)

My Angeline (2:47)

My Baby/Stomp Your Stuff/I'm Going Hunting (9:31)

My Daddy's Growin' Old (2:56)

My Pretty Girl (3:24)

My Strongest Weakness (Is You) (2:50)

My Troubles Are Over (3:21)

Mysterious Mose (3:20)

No Sir, That's Not My Gal (3:41)

Nothin' Does-Does Like It Used To Do-Do-Do (3:23)

Nothin' On My Mind (3:18)

One Alone (2:55)

Out Of Breath (And Scared To Death Of You) (3:41)

Out Of Nowhere (2:45)

Outside (3:21)

Pa's Old Hat (A Hot Stomp) (3:03)

Papa's Gone (3:02)

Pardon Me Pretty Baby (Don't I Look Familiar To You) (3:12)

Red Lips, Kiss My Blues Away (3:06)

Remarkable Girl (3:14)

Rules And Regulations (Signed Razor Jim) (3:16)

Sad 'N' Blue (2:45)

Saxophone Blues (3:01)

Second Hand Rose (3:27)

Second Hand Rose (3:07)

She'll Never Find A Fellow Like Me (2:47)

She's In The Graveyard Now (2:47)

Show Me The Way To Go Home (2:58)

Stole My Man Blues (3:27)

Strut Miss Lizzie (2:45)

Strut Miss Lizzie (3:08)

Strut Yo' Puddy (2:52)

Take Your Black Bottom Dance Outside (6:01)

Tell Me Who (2:52)

That Certain Party (3:23)

That Too, Do (3:22)

The One-Man Band (3:05)

The World's Jazz Crazy And So Am I (3:07)

Theme Songs (2:03)

There Ought To Be A Law Against That (3:48)

There's A Trick In Pickin' A Chick-Chick-Chicken (4:22)

They Ain't Walking No More (3:17)

Those Little White Lies/Happy Feet (2:32)

Trouble In Mind (2:50)

Turn On The Heat (3:15)

Two Faced Man (2:39)

Undertaker Blues (4:04)

Vampin' Liza Jane (3:01)

Vine Street Blues (3:21)

Wabash Blues (3:22)

Walk Easy 'Cause My Papa's Here (2:58)

Walk Right In (3:58)

What Makes You Treat Me This A-Way (3:15)

What Was I To Do (2:51)

What'll You Do? (2:54)

What's That Thing? (2:46)

When My Sugar Walks Down The Street (2:59)

When The Saints Go Marching In (4:59)

When They Get Lovin' They's Gone (3:35)

Where's My Sweetie Hiding? (3:03)

Whispering (2:39)

Who'll Drive My Blues Away? (2:42)

Who'll Get It When I'm Gone? (2:49)

Whoa, Tillie! Take Your Time (3:17)

Why Should I Say That I'm Sorry ? (3:11)

Why Was I Born (3:20)

Willie The Weeper (2:18)

Without You Emaline (3:09)

Won't Don't Blues (3:06)

Won't You Be My Baby? (3:42)

You Ain't Too Old (3:05)

You Can't Get Lovin' Where There Ain't Any Love (2:49)

You May Be Fast But Mamma's Gonna Slow You Down (2:56)

You're Always Messin' Round With My Man (3:51)

You've Had Your Day (3:09)

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