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Lieutenant Julian

Sam Manning acc. by
Jack Celestain's Caribbean Serenaders


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Hubert Julian


Recorded in New York City on April 4th 1928 featuring Sam Manning vocals, accompanied by Jack Celestain piano, Cyril Monrose alto sax, Gerald Clark guitar, and unknown cuatro.

*"Lieutenant Julian" was composed by Sam Manning.

Sam Manning was born in Trinidad around 1899 and serving in the British West Indies Regiment in France during World War I before settling in New York in the early 1920s. There he established himself as a singing entertainer whose music combined calypso rhythms with jazz.

Born in Port of Spain, Trinidad in 1897 Hubert Julian was the son of a cocoa plantation manager who moved to Montreal in 1914. There he became a pilot while serving as a Lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Air Force. After immigrating to Harlem, New York in 1921 Hubert would make his most famous parachute jumps dressed in a bright red suit into the city itself. Shifting his focus to flying, in 1924 he tried unsuccessfully to raise money to purchase a seaplane for a transatlantic flight. Although he was never able to cross the ocean his attempts to fund such an endeavor made him an international celebrity and in 1931 he became the first African American pilot in the United States to fly coast to coast.

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