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Adelaide Hall acc. by
Lew Leslie's Blackbirds Orchestra


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"Blackbirds of 1928"


This side was recorded in New York City during 1928 featuring Adelaide Hall vocals, accompanied
by "Lew Leslie's Blackbird's Orchestra".

At the time of this recording Miss Hall was a star of the hit Broadway musical revue "Blackbirds of 1928".

*"Baby" was composed by Jimmy McHugh and Dorothy Fields.

"Blackbirds of 1928" was a hit Broadway revue with music by Jimmy McHugh and lyrics by Dorothy Fields containing the songs "Diga Diga Do", the duo's first hit, "I Can't Give You Anything But Love", and "I Must Have That Man" all sung by Adelaide Hall. Producer and impresario Lew Leslie had planned to build the show around Florence Mills in New York after her success in the hit show "Blackbirds in London 1926", but she died in 1927 before rehearsals started. The show originally opened on January 4th 1928 under the title 'The Blackbird Revue' at Les Ambassadeurs Nightclub in New York before transferring to the Liberty Theater where Lew Leslie changed its title to 'Blackbirds of 1928'. The original Broadway production opened at Liberty Theater on May 9th 1928 and ran for 518 performances becoming the longest running all-black show on Broadway. The show staring Adelaide Hall also featured Bill Robinson, Aida Ward, Tim Moore, Blue McAllister, the Famous Blackbirds Orchestra, and additionally Elisabeth Welch, Mantan Moreland, Cecil Mack, and Nina Mae McKinney.

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