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Mama Can't Lose

Lottie Beaman


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Feat. 'Papa' Charlie Jackson


Recorded in Chicago during October of 1924 featuring Lottie Kimbrough vocals, accompanied by Jimmy Blythe piano, and 'Papa' Charlie Jackson banjo.

*"Mama Can't Lose" was written by Lottie Kimbrough.

Lottie Kimbrough was a blues singer from Kansas City who cut her first sides for Paramount at a session with Ma Rainey in 1924. Nicknamed the "Kansas City Butterball" for her immense girth she recorded under pseudonyms including Lottie Beaman, Martha Jackson, Clara Cary, or Mae Moran. Because her talent far outshone her beauty, Lottie's more photogenic sister Estella was used to represent her in publicity photos. She would produce her final recordings in November of 1929.

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