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Fat Meat And Greens

Jimmy Blythe


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"Blythe at the Keys"


Recorded in Chicago during July of 1925 with Jimmy Blythe at the piano.

On this side featuring a popular composition the original Boogie-woogie stylist of Chicago's South Side,
Jimmy Blythe romps and stomps his way through a true piano masterpiece.

This recording offers a completely different approach to the tune than Morton's.

Although *"Fat Meat And Greens" has been attributed at different times to both Jelly Roll Morton and Jimmy Blythe it is actually credited to Paramount director J. Mayo Williams' secretary, Aletha Dickerson. -According to the Library of Congress' files Althea co-wrote this tune with John Bishaw and deposited the copyright herself on June 27th 1925 with the Chicago Music Publishing Company. In Spite of these confusing records this number was indeed composed by Jimmy Blythe, he simply wasn't the one to transpose the tune or register it for copyright.

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