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You've Got Those
'Wanna Go Back Again' Blues

Warner's Seven Aces


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"All Eleven of Them !"


This side was recorded in Atlanta, Georgia on April 19th 1926 featuring Tom Brannon and Jim O'Neal trumpets, Don McIlvaine trombones, C J Buckner and Ed Pritchett clarinet & alto sax, Ralph Bennett clarinet, violin, vocals, & director, George McCullough clarinet, soprano, & tenor sax, Ed Lally piano, Bob Pittman banjo & vocals, George MacMillan tuba, and M C "Shucks" Park drums.

*"You've Got Those 'Wanna Go Back Again' Blues" was co-written by Lou Handman and Roy Turk.

From their 1923 recording debut by the mid-'20's "Warner's Seven Aces" had been taken over by singer and instrumentalist Ralph Bennett and would grow to be billed as "Ralph Bennett and his Seven Aces", All Eleven of Them". The Aces began to broadcast over local radio station WGM as early as 1922 and remained the number one hot dance band in Atlanta for years. In 1927 they also performed in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas touring and broadcasting extensively all over the U.S throughout 1928 and '29. Upon their return from Europe in 1930 the "Aces" were forced to disband due to the economic effects of the 1929 Wall Street crash.

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