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There's Everything Nice About You

Warner's Seven Aces


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Feat. "The Peabody Trio"


Recorded in Atlanta, Georgia on March 28th 1927 featuring J T Bourne and Tom Brannon trumpets, Russ Crump trombone, C J Buckner and Ed Pritchett clarinet & alto sax, Ralph Bennett clarinet, violin, & leader, George McCullough clarinet, soprano, & tenor sax, Ed Lally piano, Bob Pittman banjo, George MacMillan tuba, and M C "Shucks" Park drums.

The vocal chorus heard on this record is provided by "The Peabody Trio".

*"There's Everything Nice About You" was composed by Pete Wendling, with words by Alfred Bryan and Arthur Terker.

After having an opportunity to record two of his own songs for Cameo "Usen't You Used to Be My Sweetie?" and "I Meet Her in the Moonlight" in August of 1926, pianist Pete Wendling was no doubt on top of the world in early 1927 when his latest song "There's Everything Nice About You" was masterfully recorded by two other prominent songwriters Al Bernard and Sam H. Stept shortly after its publication.

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