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Go Get 'Em, Caroline

Warner's Seven Aces


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Feat. Ed Lally


Recorded in Atlanta, Georgia on September 30th 1925 featuring Tom Brannon and Jim O'Neal trumpets, Don McIlvaine trombone, C.J. Buckner and Ed Pritchett clarinet & alto sax, George McCullough clarinet, soprano, & tenor sax, Ralph Bennett clarinet, violin, & leader, Ed Lally piano, Bob Pittman-banjo, George MacMillan bass brass, and M.C. 'Shucks' Park drums.

*"Go Get 'Em, Caroline" was written by Henry Creamer and Isadore Meyers.

This title was an important milestone in "Warner's Seven Aces'" recording career as their first electrically produced record. It was released on the Columbia label.

By 1925 the group which had begun as the most popular dance orchestra in Atlanta had grown in size to contain eleven members and its leader pianist Byron H. Warner had been replaced by clarinetist, violinist, and singer Ralph Bennett. For this reason a new pianist was hired, the notably talented, Ed Lally.

"Ed Lally was my piano teacher. A great deal of my mother's hard earned money for my lessons didn't go toward piano instruction, but was me begging Mr. Lally to talk about his younger years in many different areas in the music business".

"I was mesmerized by all his wonderful stories, especially the ones of him playing piano for silent movies complete with demonstrations, playing in a band and touring, being in Fort Worth when Billy Rose put on the Casa Manana show for Texas' Centennial celebrations in 1936. I loved Mr. Lally and his wife. They were such nice people".

-Pat Humiston

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