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Companionate Blues

Jack Pettis & His Pets


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Feat. Tony Parenti


This recording was produced in New York City on May 9th 1929 featuring Bill Moore and Donald Bryan trumpets, Glenn Miller trombone, Benny Goodman and Tony Parenti clarinet & alto sax, Jack Pettis c-melody sax, Matty Malneck violin, Lennie Hayton and Al Goering piano & celeste, Dick McDonough guitar, Harry Goodman bass, and Dillon Ober drums.

*"Companionate Blues" was composed by Jack Pettis, Al Goering, and Irving Mills.

The "companionate" title is perfectly suited to this recording as all members of the group seem to play
an equal part held together by the melodic repetitive saxophone theme of their leader Jack Pettis.

Opening with the horns of Moore and Bryan the assembly soon gives way to the lyrical c-melody
lines of Pettis.

Matty Malneck's violin comes in next backed by a continuing steady shuffle from the rhythm section.

It's back to the front line for two runs through the progression before Benny Goodman comes in
on his somewhat squeaky clarinet.

Then the two pianists Hayton and Goering have at it followed up by the beautiful instrumental
merger of all members for the finale.

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