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Feat. Tony Almerico


This side was recorded in Memphis, Tennessee on September 6th 1928 featuring Tony Almerico and Irwin Kunz cornet & vocals, Sonny Clapp trombone, Slim Lamar clarinet, alto sax, & leader, Jim Rush clarinet, alto sax, & vocals, Bedford Brown clarinet & tenor sax, Bob Nolan piano & director, Jack Cohen banjo, guitar, & vocals, Dick Wilson violin & vocals, Benny Pottle string bass, and Bobby Turley drums.

*"Goofus" is credited to the group's pianist Bob Nolan.

Tony Almerico was a hot trumpet stylist who was active in Territory bands of Tennessee and Georgia during the 1920's the most prominent of which were those led by Slim Lamar and Mart Britt. He also worked with popular Crescent City vocalist Lizzie Miles.

Returning to his hometown to become a full-time New Orleans resident sometime in the early 1940's, in spite of his years as a jazz musician and bandleader Almerico would not produce a record under his own name until 1949.

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