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All By My Ownsome

Roger Wolfe Kahn & His Orchestra


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"Roger Kahn's Divorce"


This recording was made in New York City on July 14th 1927 featuring Franklyn Baur vocals, Tommy Gott and Len McConville trumpets, Miff Mole trombone, Alfie Evens clarinet, alto, & baritone sax, Arnold Brilhart clarinet, alto sax, & oboe, Harold Sturr clarinet, tenor sax, & flute, Joe Venuti and Henry Garden violins, Herb Borodkin cello, Irving Brodsky piano, Tony Colucci banjo, Arthur Campbell tuba, and Vic Berton drums.

*"All By My Ownsome" was written by Al Dubin and Roger Wolfe Kahn.

Roger Wolfe Kahn made headlines on the New York society pages when he married actress Hannah Williams on January 16th 1931. The wedding was held at Oheka Castle, his family's Long Island estate, kept secret from the public for two weeks, until the Broadway show Williams was appearing in, "Sweet and Low" had finished it' s run. The couple made headlines again when they divorced two years later and when, Williams married boxing champion Jack Dempsey after only a few weeks. Two days after the divorce, on April 7th 1933, Roger Wolfe Kahn married Edith May Nelson, a Maine politician's daughter. This marriage produced two children Peter W. and Virginia Kahn and lasted until Rogers death on July 12th 1962.

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