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The New Twister

Miff Mole & His Little Molers


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Feat. Adrian Rollini


This recording was produced in New York City on September 1st 1927 featuring Red Nichols trumpet, Miff Mole trombone & leader, Fud Livingston clarinet & tenor sax, Arthur Schutt piano, Eddie Lang guitar, Adrian Rollini bass sax, and Vic Berton drums.

*"The New Twister" was composed by Ralph Lillard and Teddy Krise.

The "Little Molers" was a pseudonym for "Red Nichols' Five Pennies" that was frequently used when the band recorded under the direction of trombonist Miff Mole. Appropriately named, this number was considered exceptionally modern (by 1920's standards), just perfect for this incredible line-up of jazz All-stars to dig in. Remaining true to the song's title Miff Mole seems to become a trombone contortionist, producing an amazingly clear and precise tapestry of bent notes, with his friend trumpeter Red Nichols appearing in equally good form.

Adrian Rollini makes his presence known with a remarkably smooth, elegant low registered delivery. Balancing Rollini's bass saxophone well reedman Fud Livingston supplies an undulating clarinet. Eddie Lang, on the other hand, is featured mainly in a rhythmic capacity, but he does get a couple of short chord breaks.

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