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I Ain't Gonna Play
No Second Fiddle

Virginia Liston


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Feat. Porter Grainger


This recording was made in New York City on June 1st 1925 featuring Virginia Liston vocals, with accompaniment provided by Porter Grainger piano.

*"I Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle" was written by Perry Bradford.

Liston sings the catchy words of Bradford's lyrical masterpiece explaining that if she can't be her man's one and only then she's bound to move on. Perry Bradford grew up in Atlanta in a house within earshot of the Fulton Street Jail where he was first exposed to blues sung by the black inmates. Upon his arrival in New York City in 1918 he initially sold songs to white publisher, Frederick V. Bowers.

(It is interesting to note that Virginia Liston chose to record this title around the same period as her divorced from her husband of five years, Sam Gray.)

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