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"Flashes of Genius"


Images from Bix's early life in Davenport are set to Bavarian pianist, Bernd Lhotzky's beautiful recording of the Bix Beiderbecke original piano composition "Flashes".

Beiderbecke's most influential recordings date from his time with Goldkette and Whiteman, although they were generally recorded under his own name or Trumbauer's. The Whiteman period also marked a precipitous decline in Beiderbecke's health, brought on by the demand of the bandleader's relentless touring and recording schedule in combination with Beiderbecke's persistent alcoholism.

A few stints in rehabilitation centers, as well as the support of Paul Whiteman and the Beiderbecke family in Davenport did not stop Bix's failing in health. He left the Paul Whiteman band in 1930 and died the following Summer in his Queens apartment at the age of twenty-eight.

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