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Hangin' Around

Merritt Brunies & His
Friar's Inn Orchestra


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"At the Friar's Inn"


Recorded in Chicago on February 26th 1926 featuring Merritt Brunies cornet & director, Henry Brunies trombone, Volly De Faut and William Creager clarinet & alto sax, Sumner Logan tenor & baritone sax, Dudley Mecum or Maurice Freedman piano, Clarence Piper banjo, Norman Van Hook bass brass, and Bill Paley drums.

*"Hangin' Around" was composed by Jack Gardner and Fred Hamm.

In 1923 George and Albert Brunies' older brother Merritt took their Chicago gig at the Friar's Inn after they quit the engagement; changing their name from the "Friar's Society Orchestra" to the "New Orleans Rhythm Kings".

Merritt formed his own "Friar's Inn Orchestra" and remained at the venue for three years before landing a better paying gig at the prestigious Cinderella Ballroom.

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