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State Street Blues

The Cotton Pickers


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Irving Milfred Mole
(March 11th 1898 - April 29th 1961)


Recorded in New York City during September 1922 featuring Phil Napoleon trumpet, Jimmy Lytell clarinet, Miff Mole trombone, Frank Signorelli piano, John Cali banjo, John Helleberg bass brass, and Jack Roth drums.

*"State Street Blues" was written by Babe Thompson and Spencer Williams.

Born in Roosevelt, Long Island, New York on March 11th 1898 Irving Milfred Mole studied violin and piano as a young boy before switching to the trombone when he was fifteen.

After two years spent as a member of Gus Sharp's Orchestra the 1920's brought Miff great success as a prominent member of a new and innovative jazz group, the "Original Memphis Five".

Miff would serve as an accompanist to classic jazz singers including Sophie Tucker and record with a wide array of hot studio dance groups such as "The Tennessee Tooters" and "The Cotton Pickers" establishing himself as 'the' leading trombonist of the jazz world.

Miff Mole is recognized as the first trombonist to break from the instrument's traditional role and reinvent the trombone as a solo instrument long before Jack Teagarden arrived in New York in 1928.

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