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Santa Claus is Coming to Town

The Singapore Slingers


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Live at the Kessler Theater
2014 Winter Revue


The "Singapore Slingers" perform at the Kessler Theater in Dallas, Texas on September 5th 2014 featuring Matt Tolentino director & vocals, Phil West and Matt Seppeler trumpet, John Dailey trombone, Dave Washburn clarinet, Cassie Conway, Blaise Parker, and David Lovrien clarinet & sax, Evan Wennerberg flute, Linda Proch, Jim Herrera, and Kevin Yu violin, Cynthia Dashiell viola, Gretchen Nichols cello, Robert Edwards piano, George Gagliardi banjo & guitar, Charlie Horwitz string bass, Irwin Arnstein tuba, and Michael Plotkin drums, bells, & xylophone.

"*Santa Claus is Coming to Town' was composed by John Frederick Coots and Haven Gillespie. The song was first introduced in November 1934 on Eddie Cantor's radio program. It had been recorded a month prior by Harry Reser's band with featured vocalist Tom Stacks.

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