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Alligator Hop

King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band


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Feat. Louis Armstrong


This recording was produced in Richmond, Indiana on October 3rd (or 5th?) 1923 featuring King Oliver cornet & leader, Louis Armstrong second cornet, Honore Dutrey trombone, Johnny Dodds clarinet, Stump Evans c-melody sax, Lil Hardin Armstrong piano, Johnny St Cyr banjo, Bill Johnson tuba, and Baby Dodds drums.

*"Alligator Hop" is credited to King Oliver and Alphonse Picou.

In 1922 upon his return to Chicago from the road Joe "King" Oliver assembled a new band comprised of New Orleans musicians to perform at Lincoln Gardens (459 East 31st Street).

The group would include Oliver's protégé Louis Armstrong who was sent for in New Orleans and traveled to The Windy City by rail in order to join the rest of the ensemble.

The intricate improvised horn lines of the two men presented on this record were astonishingly accomplished especially on the part of young Armstrong causing the group to be a tremendous overnight success.

Before Louis Armstrong departed from the "Creole Jazz Band" to join the Orchestra of Fletcher Henderson in 1924 his role as the ultra talented second cornet behind the "King" had already made him a star. -If he only knew then how far his popularity would grow!

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