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Doin' The New Lowdown

Jack Pettis & His Pets


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Jack Pettis
Plays Jimmy McHugh


This recording was made in New York City on July 3rd 1928 featuring Bill Moore and Don Bryan trumpet, Don Murray clarinet & alto sax, Jack Pettis clarinet, alto, c-melody, & bass sax, Al Goering piano, Nick Gerlach violin, Eddie Lang guitar, and Dillon Ober drums.

*"Doin' The New Lowdown" was composed by Jimmy McHugh, with Lyrics by Dorothy Fields. The song was featured in Lew Leslie's "Blackbirds of 1928."

After holding his own during the early 1920's as an important member of not one but two top jazz bands the "New Orleans Rhythm Kings" and "Ben Bernie's Orchestra" Jack Pettis was more than ready to lead an assembly of his own. In 1926 the young saxophone star gave his notice to Ben Bernie and struck out to put together "His Pets".

Along with pianist Al Goering, Jack Pettis was responsible for writing some of Ben Bernie's biggest hits including "Up and At 'Em", and "Who’ll Be the One?".

As the 1920's came to an end so too did Pettis' promising career. He returned to record with the "Ben Bernie Orchestra" for sessions held on April 6th and July 28th 1928, but by 1930 had stopped making records and broke up his band ... How could this be !?

In 1929 Jack took what was supposed to be "a short break" from performing so that he could marry twenty-year old Taddy (Kathryne) Lynch of the famous singing trio "Keller Sisters & Lynch". On the morning of her wedding Taddy was informed that she was to embark on a six-week singing tour. Following a very brief honeymoon, Taddy returned from the tour only to find that Jack was leaving for a twenty-week engagement with his band. Fortunately for the sake of their marriage but not his career, Jack and Taddy eventually found time to have a daughter named Barbara Joan who was born March 12th 1930 at the Hotel Roosevelt in New York City.

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