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Bugle Call Blues

Friar's Society Orchestra


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Feat. Jack Pettis


This recording was made in Richmond, Indiana on August 29th 1922 with Paul Mares cornet, George Brunies trombone, Leon Roppolo clarinet, Jack Pettis c-melody & tenor sax, Elmer Schoebel piano, Lou Black banjo, Steve Brown bass, and Frank Snyder drums. (Under the direction of Husk O'Hara)

*"Bugle Call Blues" was composed by Frank Snyder, Jack Pettis, and George Brunies.

The "Friar's Society Orchestra" took their name from the Friars Inn (located at 1834 Wabash Street and Van Buren) in Chicago where they held a standing engagement, but would change it to the "New Orleans Rhythm Kings" in 1923 after losing the gig.

Like many Windy City jazz groups of the period they too were heavily influenced by the appearance of "King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band" on the local scene. Rather than denounce the African-American roots of Jazz the "New Orleans Rhythm Kings" were one white band who embraced them. With their 1923 release "Sobbin' Blues" featuring Jelly Roll Morton they became the very first "racially mixed" group to make a record. The famous New Orleans jazz pianist and composer would proceed to record five more sides with the band.

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