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Too Many Kisses in the Summer

California Ramblers


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Feat. Irving Kaufman


Recorded in New York City on December 10th 1926 featuring Irving Kaufman vocals, Chelsea Quealey and Roy Johnston trumpets, Abe Lincoln trombone, Bobby Davis clarinet, alto, & soprano sax, Sam Ruby tenor sax, Adrian Rollini bass sax, Jack Russin piano, Tommy Fellini banjo, and Herb Weil drums.

*"Too Many Kisses in the Summer (Bring Too Many Tears in the Fall)" was composed by Harry Warren,
with words by Al Dubin and Billy Rose.

The song was the first collaboration between lyricist Al Dubin and composer Harry Warren in 1925. That same year Dubin published his first big hit "A Cup of Coffee, a Sandwich, and You" written with Joseph Meyer.

This light airy number commits to song the big yet inevitable chance for disappointment caused by a typical string of romantic Summer flings. "Go on have your fling but you should remember" the song warns "there'll be no ring in November or December".

Speaking for moralities' sake Irving Kaufman's words should be heeded as rarely do such spontaneous
ill advised encounters among young people result in matrimony or even lasting relationships.

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