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Rosy Cheeks

The Six Hottentots


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Feat. Irving Kaufman
(as George Crane)


Recorded in New York City on March 23rd 1927 featuring George Crane (Irving Kaufman) vocals, Red Nichols trumpet, Miff Mole trombone, Jimmy Dorsey clarinet & alto sax, Arthur Schutt piano, Joe Tarto tuba, and Vic Berton drums.

*"Rosy Cheeks" was written by Seymour Simons and Richard Whiting.

"The Enemy of Jazz"! That's what we called Irving Kaufman, whose vocals blighted many an otherwise terrific jazz record. BUT there's always an exception: Check out "Rosy Cheeks" by "The Six Hottentots". Irving - suddenly! - is a TERRIFIC jazz singer! He's relaxed, casual, loosey-goosey with the bar lines - just great. WHAT were they passing around in the studio that caused this? I dunno. But here it is. -Brad Kay

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