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Ida Cox


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Feat. Jesse Crump


Recorded in Chicago during July of 1928 featuring Ida Cox vocals, Dave Nelson or B.T. Wingfield cornet, Jesse Crump piano, and "Papa" Charlie Jackson six-string banjo.

*"Fogyism" was written and composed by Jesse Crump. -The word Fogyism was a term in common use during the 1920's to describe rural out of date un-progressive attitudes especially among black society.

Old fashioned superstitions are analyzed and dismantled in the updated point of view of the song's author pianist Jesse Crump who believed strongly that the hoodoo, "superstition", and dream-symbolism embraced by many of the older African-American generation was best forgotten.

This record appears to have been an "answer-song" to Ma Rainey's "Black Cat Hoot Owl Blues" recorded on a date held one month prior.

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