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Stardust (Original)

Hoagy Carmichael & His Pals


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Hoagland Howard Carmichael
(November 22nd 1899 - December 27th 1981)


This side was recorded in Richmond, Indiana on October 31st 1927 featuring Emil Seidel director, Byron Smart trumpet, Oscar Rossberg trombone, Gene Woods and Dick Kent alto sax, Maurice Bennett tenor sax, Hoagy Carmichael piano, Don Kimmell tenor guitar, Paul Brown bass brass, and Cliff Williams drums.

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*"Stardust" was composed by Hoagy Carmichael.

Born in Bloomington, Indiana on November 22nd 1899, Howard Hoagland Carmichael got his famous middle name after "The Hoaglands" a circus troop who once stayed at his family's home.

He learned to sing and play piano from his mother and in 1918 played his first gig as a professional musician at a college fraternity dance.

While studying at Indiana University Hoagy began to write, composing such standards as "Washboard Blues" and "Boneyard Shuffle" and began touring with his "Collegians" band for the necessary money to support his studies.

In 1926 Hoagy Carmichael earned his law degree and would finish writing and record his most famous composition "Stardust" the following year.

With lyrics added by Mitchell Parish in 1929, "Stardust" became the most recorded song of the 20th Century.

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