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Maple Leaf Rag

Herb Wiedoeft's
Cinderella Roof Orchestra


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Herbert Arthur Wiedoeft
(November 22nd 1886 - May 12th 1928)


Recorded in St. Louis, Missouri on October 21st 1924 featuring Herb Wiedoeft cornet & leader, Joseph Nemoli cornet, Clyde Lucas and Jesse Stafford trombone, Fred Bibesheimer, Gene Rose, and Gene "Ziggy" Sigrist clarinet, bass clarinet, alto, & tenor sax, unknown piano, Jose Sucedo banjo, Gerhardt "Gay" Wiedoeft tuba, and Adolph Wiedoeft drums & xylophone.

*"Maple Leaf Rag" was composed by Scott Joplin.

Born in Germany on November 22nd 1886, Herb Wiedoeft immigrated to the United States as a child and settled with his family in the Los Angles area.

Like his other siblings (Rudy, Adolph, and Gerhardt) Herb was skilled in music and would become an exceptional mute-cornetist and bandleader.

After forming his Orchestra during the mid-1910's he secured residency at the prestigious Cinderella Roof Ballroom of the Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel.

Herb Wiedoeft's band who developed an exceptionally hot sound for a white West Coast dance orchestra of the day, often used arraignments written by African American jazz band leader Sonny Clay.

The band was at their absolute peak when they visited New York City and recorded for Brunswick in the Winter of 1928 but disaster followed that Spring when Herb Wiedoeft's car skidded from the road in Medford, Oregon during the early morning hours of May 12th 1928 resulting in his death.

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