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"California Ramblers in London"


This recording was made by Fred Elizalde's "Anglo American Band" in London, England on January 15th 1928 featuring Chelsea Quealey trumpet, Bobby Davis clarinet, Adrian Rollini bass sax, Fred Elizalde piano, Len Fillis guitar, and Ronnie Gubertini drums.

*"Dixie" was written by Adrian Rollini for his wife Dorothy (Dixie was her nickname).

At the end of the year in 1927 Chelsea Quealey, Bobby Davis, and Adrian Rollini of the "California Ramblers" left for England to join Fred Elizalde's band who were performing at the Savoy Hotel in London on New Year's Eve. They stayed on with Elizalde's Orchestra and were followed six months later by pianist Jack Russin who remained until September of 1928.

The group disbanded in 1929 after a poorly received tour in Scotland and the onset of the Great Depression. Rollini who liked living and working in Europe, remained for a while after the band's break up, but was unable to find employment. Bobby Davis also stayed on for a time but was faced with the same dilemma. It was during this period that British musicians would begin to resent the presents of the American ones, complaining that they were taking their jobs away. Eventually a domestic musicians' union ban on visiting American Jazz musicians was instated. So in the end there was little choice but to return to the United States.

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