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Chime Blues

Fletcher Henderson


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Boogie Hits New York


Recorded in New York City during March of 1923 featuring Fletcher Henderson at the piano.

*Chime Blues" was composed by Fletcher Henderson.

This twelve bar blues is unique for its stylish four bar chimes break played at the start of each chorus.

In 1923 the piano based style known as 'Boogie-Woogie' reached New York City and became an instant sensation. Suddenly every pianist started to incorporate the walking bass into their playing and composition.

While the term boogie first appear on a record by Wilbur Sweatman titled "Boogie Rag" in 1917 the origin of the music itself can be traced to the barrel houses and juke joints of Texas.

These rough and tumble establishments frequented by black farm workers and ranch hands were a world away from the sophisticated clubs of Harlem or even those of Chicago's South side.

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