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Feat. Smith Ballew


This recording was mde in New York City in 1929 by the "Ipana Troubadours" directed by Sam Lanin, and featuring Smith Ballew vocals.

Sam recorded with a plethora of ensemble arrangements, under names including "Lanin's Jazz Band", "Lanin's Arcadians", "Lanin's Famous Players", "Lanin's Southern Serenaders", "Lanin's Red Heads", "Sam Lanin's Dance Ensemble", and "Lanin's Arkansaw Travelers". He did not always give himself top billing in his ensemble's names, and was a session leader for an enormous number of sweet jazz recording sessions of the 1920's. He entered into a sponsorship with Bristol-Myers for their Ipana toothpaste resulting in his band being renamed the "Ipana Troubadors." The 1929 stock market crash hit Sam Lanin hard, unlike his brother Lester; in 1931, he lost his contract with Bristol-Meyers, his radio show and the name Ipana Troubadors. By the middle of the 1930's, Sam was spending much of his time cutting transcription discs. While his fame had waned, he was still well off from the money he saved during the 1920's and was able to retire from the music business by the late '30's.

Starting in the late 1920's Smith Ballew became one of the most recognizable vocalists on hundreds of dance band and jazz records. He began his singing career on the radio, and in the 1930's became one of the earliest of the singing cowboys on the movie screen.

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