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I'm Gonna Charleston Back
To Charleston

Coon-Sanders Nighthawks Orchestra


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Feat. Carleton Coon & Joe Sanders


Recorded in Camden, New Jersey on June 13th 1925 featuring Joe Richolson and Bob Pope trumpets, Rex Downing trombone, Harold Thiell, Joe Thiell, and Floyd Estep saxophones, Joe Sanders piano & vocals, Russ Stout banjo & guitar, and 'Pop' Estep tuba, and Carleton Coon drums & vocals.

*"I'm Gonna Charleston Back To Charleston" was written by Roy Turk and Lou Handman.

"Coon-Sanders Nighthawks" left Kansas City for the first time in 1924 for a three-month engagement at a Chicago roadhouse and moved there permanently the same year. Jules Stein used the profits from a tour he booked for them to establish the Music Corporation of America, with the orchestra as its first client. This new rise in status prompted their move to Chicago's prestigious Black-hawk Hotel in 1926.

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