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Flamin' Mamie

Coon-Sanders Nighthawks Orchestra


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Feat. Joe Sanders


This recording was made in Chicago on December 21st 1925 featuring Joe Richolson and Bob Pope trumpets, Rex Downing trombone, Harold Thiell, Joe Thiell, and Floyd Estep saxophones, Joe Sanders piano & vocals, Russ Stout banjo & guitar, and "Pop" Estep tuba, and Carleton Coon drums.

*"Flamin' Mamie" was composed by Paul Whiteman and Fred Rose.

In 1925 Paul Whiteman teamed up in collaboration with music publishing executive and popular songwriter Fred Rose to compose a "Fox Trot Song" relying heavily on the 1920's image of the "Vampire Woman" (aka party girl). This song became one of the biggest hits that year.

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