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Butter-Finger Blues

Charlie Creath's Jazz-O-Maniacs


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Feat. William Thornton Blue


Recorded in St. Louis, Missouri on May 2nd 1927 featuring Charlie Creath trumpet & leader, Leonard Davis trumpet, Charlie Lawson trombone, Horace Eubanks, William Thornton Blue, and Sam Long clarinet & alto sax, Williams Rollins tenor sax, Burroughs Lovingood piano, Pete Patterson banjo, Cecil White bass, and Floyd Campbell drums.

*"Butter-Finger Blues" was composed by Charlie Creath.

Born in Ironton, Missouri on December 30th 1890, Charles Cyril Creath was a celebrated jazz trumpeter, saxophonist, accordionist, and bandleader. During the early 1900's Creath played in traveling circuses and theater bands prior to settling in St. Louis around 1919. There he began leading groups on Streckfus Company riverboats up and down the Mississippi River between New Orleans and St. Louis. Bands under Creath's leadership became so popular that he had several operating under his name at once throughout the 1920's. In 1927 he even co-led a group with Fate Marable on the river boat S.S. Capitol. Then suddenly during the late 1920's Charlie Creath suffered from an extended illness which left him playing saxophone and accordion primarily instead of the trumpet. Toward the end of the 1930's Creath opened a nightclub in Chicago and worked in an airplane manufacturing plant during World War II before taking his retirement in 1945.

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