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Who's Sorry Now?

California Ramblers


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Under the Direction
of Arthur Hand


This recording was made in New York City on April 30th 1923 featuring Arthur Hand violin & director, Frank Cush and Bill Moore trumpet, Lloyd "Ole" Olsen trombone, Jimmy Duff clarinet & alto sax, Fred Cusick tenor sax, Ed Sutton, Joe LaFaro and Sid Harris violin, Irving Brodsky piano, Ray Kitchingman banjo, Adrian Rollini bass sax, and Fred Henry drums.

*"Who's Sorry Now?" was composed by Ted Snyder, with words written by Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby.

Recorded during the "California Ramblers'" very early days when they were still under the direction of violinist Arthur Hand and known primarily as the "Golden Gate Orchestra".

Though listens of today may be more familiar with the 1958 recording by Connie Francis earlier recorded renditions of the song published in 1923 included those of Irving Kaufman and Marion Harris.

In 1946 the ballad was resurrected in the Marx Brother's film "A Night in Casablanca".

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