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Jazz Me Blues

The Wolverine Orchestra


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Feat. Bix Beiderbecke


This recording was produced in Richmond, Indiana on February 18th 1924 featuring Bix Beiderbecke cornet, Al Gandee trombone, Jimmy Hartwell clarinet & alto sax, George Johnson tenor sax, Dick Voynow piano & leader, Bob Gillette banjo, Min Leibrook bass, and Vic Moore drums.

*"Jazz Me Blues" was composed by Tom Delaney.

No matter how well they played together "The Wolverine's" were far from being professionally trained musicians as they couldn't even read music. So when it came time for the band to learn new material it was a long and tedious process in which Bix Beiderbecke would begin by playing a few bars for them repeating it often. Astonishingly Bix and the band would have to work painstakingly on all new songs in this way, tackling one section at a time until they had the entire piece memorized.

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