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Who's That Knocking At My Door?

Annette Hanshaw


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Feat. Adrian Rollini


This recording was made in New York City on September 8th 1927 with Annette Hanshaw vocals, Eddie Lang guitar, Joe Venuti violin, Adrian Rollini bass sax & hot fountain pen, and Vic Berton drums.

*"Who's That Knocking On My Door?" was composed by Seymour Simon, with lyrics written by Gus Kahn.

This popular song was also published in 1927.

This record is a brilliant example of an output greater than the sum of its individual parts. The four (yes Vic Berton is there, mostly on snare drum, played with brushes, and hand-muted cymbal) instrumentalists, by skillful mutual support, manage to sound like a much bigger band. For example when Lang solos Venuti is behind him triple stopping sustaining chords to make up for the lack of piano. Guys like these, and countless thousands of others, from the period will never be surpassed for sheer excellence, combining faultless technique with inspired improvisation while performing with impeccable taste and an infectious, energetic spontaneity. As for Annette; she was a natural talent whose wonderfully warm spirit graced everything she ever sang. -Henry Davis

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