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I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling

Annette Hanshaw


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"The Personality Girl"


This recording was made in New York City on May 9th 1929 featuring Annette Hanshaw vocals,
accompanied by "The New Englanders".

*"I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling" was composed by Thomas Waller and Harry Link, with lyrics by Billy Rose.

Record and radio star Annette Hanshaw was known for a girlish quality earning her the title "The Personality Girl".

She would commonly optimized this innocent allure with her meek catchphrase "That's all" used to announce the end of many of her recordings.

Uttered as a natural response at the end of her very first recording, the studio engineers liked this catch-phrase so much that they urged Annette to repeat it on all of her subsequent releases.

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