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Ole Miss Rag

Handy's Orchestra of Memphis


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"W.C. Handy's First Record !"


Recorded in New York City on September 22nd 1917 featuring W C Handy cornet & director, Sylvester Bevard trombone, Wilson Townes and Alex Poole clarinet & alto sax, Nelson Kincaid and Charles Harris clarinet & tenor sax, Edward Alexander, Darnell Howard, and William Tyler violins, Henry Graves cello, Charles Hillman piano, Archie Walls bass brass, and Jasper Taylor drums & xylophone.

*"Ole Miss Rag" composed by W.C. Handy.

It was the composition featured on his band's first recording.

By the time he traveled to New York to attend these sessions for Columbia "Father of the Blues" W.C. Handy was already middle aged. With this recording Handy took his place in history as the second African American band director to record "Jazz" following his predecessor Wilbur Sweatman.

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