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Where Were You on the Night
of June the Third ?

Brad Kay


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"Brad Kay Plays Fats Waller"


Skilled pianist and jazz historian Brad Kay preforms an amusing pop ballad show piece.

*"Where Were You on the Night of June the Third ?" was composed by Sammy Stept, with words by Harry Tobias and published in 1935. This song went on to be recorded by a number of artists and bands most notably Fats Waller, "Charlie Kunz & His Casani Club Orchestra", Jay Wilber, and the "Bob Howard Orchestra".

In a video produced on June 3rd 2020, Brad Kay displays his formidable stride piano skills and expert showmanship in this awe inspiring performance of comedic nostalgia. His rendition combines elements from both Fats Waller and the "Casani Club Orchestra's" recorded versions.

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