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Grandpa's Spells

Peruna Jazzmen


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Copenhagen, 1988


The "Peruna Jazzmen" perform in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1988 featuring Mikael Zuschlag and Peter Aller cornets, Claus Forchhammer clarinet, Arne Hojberg trombone, Annette Strauss piano, John Neess banjo, Leo Hechmann sousaphone, and Mik Schack washboard.

*"Grandpa's Spells" was composed by Ferdinand 'Jelly Roll' Morton.

The Peruna Jazzmen are a group of excellent musicians who keep the style of “20s jazz” alive. Founded in 1959, the Denmark group’s music includes originals and covers of the jazz masters, with performances being called by some to be even better improvisationally than the originals, due to an appreciation for and understanding of the music which, along with their musical skills, have matured over time like a fine wine.

Their tight performances and adept improvisations have led to the band’s recognition with awards from around the world, since the first in 1975 when they were awarded 1st prize at a festival in Dunkerque, France, then again in a 1976 festival in Sebastian, Spain. Since then they have played the world over as a group as well as with other outstanding artists, including Louis Metcalf and Jabbo Smith.

The cohesiveness among band members is strong, lending to toe-tapping sound authentic enough to transport the listener back through time. The members include Michael Zuschlag, on 1st cornet since 1973, Peter Aller on 2nd cornet since 1960, Claus Forchhammer on clarinet since 1960, Arne Hoejberg on trombone since 1959, Annette Strauss on piano since 1974, John Neess on banjo since 1975, Mik Schack on washboard since 1974 and Lea Hechmann on sousaphone since 1960. -Carrie Doyle

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