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I Had to Give Up Gym

The Hokum Boys


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Feat. "Banjo" Ikey Robinson


On this classic side recorded in Chicago in 1929 "The Hokum Boys" are manifested in the rare
coupling of "Georgia" Tom Dorsey piano, and Ikey Robinson banjo-ukulele.

*"I Had to Give Up Gym" was composed by Thomas A. Dorsey.

Little Anna Bailum used to be very fond of gymnasium as a model student attending public school.

She "always abided by the teachers rules", but has since developed a problem of the double entendre kind.

It seems that juggling the full expectations of her curriculum has proven a bit much for Anna, and now the addition of Gym (or Jim) has become far too big a strain for her little body to handle.

This witty song has long been one of my all time favorites. "Georgia" Tom also record a variant as a duet with singer Thelma Holmes under the pseudonym Kansas City Kitty in late 1930.

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