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Royal Garden Blues

Skip Parsons'
Riverboat Jazz Band


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"Mardi Gras at The Fountain"


"Skip Parsons' Riverboat Jazz Band" perform in Albany, New York on January 9th 2016 at The Fountain Restaurant featuring Richard Downs cornet, Ken Olsen trombone, Skip Parsons clarinet, Crick Diefendorf banjo, Bernie Mulleda guitar, ______ string bass, and Tim Coakley drums.

*"Royal Garden Blues" was composed by Clarence and Spencer Williams.

A life-long resident of the Capitol Region born in Albany, New York on March 11th 1936, Skip Parsons has since established himself as a celebrated reedman and bandleader.

During his years jazz has transported Skip clear across the United States as well as abroad performing on Norwegian Cruise Lines.

In 1956 he formed the "Riverboat Six" a group that would soon be renamed the "Riverboat Jazz Band" with the addition of (former member) banjoist Carl Lunsford.

Appearing at Albany's Fountain Restaurant, their home for the past forty-six years, Skip Parsons and his "Riverboat Jazz Band" kick off their Mardi Gras festivities with this spirited performance of an evergreen classic.

After undergoing heart surgery in the Spring of 2014, The Fountain's own resident jazz man Skip Parsons proves he's still got it.

A special acknowledgement also goes out to Ken Olsen who played this entire evening and the one before with a throbbing toothache (though you'd never know it).

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