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You Can't Get Lovin'
Where There Ain't Any Love

Louisiana Five Jazz Orchestra


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Feat. Billy Murray


Recorded in New York City on October 30th 1919 featuring Billy Murray vocals, Yellow Nunez clarinet, Charles Panelli trombone, Joe Cawley piano, Karl Burger banjo, and Anton Lada wood blocks & leader.

*"You Can't Get Lovin' Where There Ain't Any Love" was composed by James F. Hanley, with lyrics by Will E. Skidmore and Jack Basley. -The incidental chorus introduces the theme "Tip-Tip Tippy Canoe" also composed by James F. Hanley.

The "Louisiana Five" was founded in New York City in 1917 by percussionist Anton Lada.

One of the most memorable members of the group was New Orleans clarinetist Alcide "Yellow" Nunez who was already working in "The Big Apple" as a member of Bert Kelly's band before he was recruited by Lada in 1918.

Having established an enormous following in the New York area by 1919, that year the "Louisiana Five" would extensively tour throughout both Texas and Oklahoma.

After Alcide Nunez's 1920 departure the band would attend one final recording session during which they utilized a violinist to replace his missing reed.

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