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Ted Weems & His Orchestra


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Feat. Dusty Rhodes &
Parker Gibbs


Recorded in Camden, New Jersey on August 24th 1927 featuring Ted Weems director, Art Weems and Carl Agee trumpets, Charles Stenroos trombone, Dick Cunliffe clarinet, alto, & baritone sax, Thales Taylor clarinet & alto sax, Parker Gibbs clarinet, tenor sax, & vocals, Jack O'Brien piano, Bill Comfort banjo, Louis Terman bass brass, and Dusty Rhodes drums & vocals.

*"Marvelous" was composed in 1927 by "Ukulele Lady", May Singhi Breen, with lyrics by Peter De Rose.

The pair formed a popular radio duo known as "The Sweethearts of the Air," and were married in 1926. May Breen was responsiable for many of the ukulele arrangements appearing on sheet music published from the 1920's through the 1940's.

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